Saturday 25 March 2017


Respected Madam,

                                We convey our thanks for your immediate response to our circle union letters and issuing orders for payment of arrears wef 1-1-2006 by revising wages of part time contingent workers in the region and the same were implemented in the region except in our divisions

                                 It is very unfortunate that in spite of instructions from regional PMG the Directorate orders were not implemented in our divisions on one plea or other. We would like to bring to the notice of kind PMG that Directorate issued two clarificatory orders very clearly without any ambiguity stating that all are casual labor irrespective of their name or designation and all who worked and working should be paid. Even though these orders are circulated by RO still these three divisions are dodging the issue on petty reasons without any ground.
                                   In Akola, Amravati & Wardha Divisions SSPO’s says that there are no contingent workers in the division as they are dispensed vide Directorate order wef 1-12-2010. But actually clarification issued by Directorate to continue those who are working prior to 1-12-2010 and no new ptcl be engaged after that date. It is to inform that all contingent posts are sanctioned posts and unless specific order is issued abolishing those posts they will treated as continued. Another point is that Directorate clearly clarified that weather post is there or not all ptcl engaged should be paid revised wages mentioned in Directorate letter dated 22-1-15 and clarification issued subsequently on 5th Nov 2015. Even though such clear orders and direction from the same are not being implemented in these three Divisions.

                                   Another reason they are stating is that the Directorate orders are not circulated to those Divisions which is not correct, as the same are circulated by RO long back.       
                                   As such kind PMG is requested to issue instructions to implement Directorate orders immediately and revise the wages from this month wages and arrears may be paid at an early date, so that we the poor workers working in the Department since years together and rendering best service to the Department will be benefitted and keep our PMG in our minds forever.

                                We are having full confidence in our beloved PMG that justice will be rendered keeping in view our sufferings and justice in mind.
Be pleased to consider.

                                          Thanking you madam,
                                                                    Yours faithfully,
                                                                        S.B. DANDGE
                                                         CIRCLE SECRETARY.


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