Sunday 31 December 2017

Trade Union Rights under Attack
We will not surrender our constitutional right
                                                                                   M. Krishnan
                                                                                   Secretary General, Confederation.
Right to peaceful protest is a constitutional right and right to assemble and demonstrate by holding dharnas is the basic features of an effective democratic system.
                   Article 19 of the Indian Constitution is one of the most important article constituting the “basic feedoms” guaranteed to every citizen of India.  Article 19(1) provides that all citizens shall have the right to freedom of speech and expression, assembly, associations, movement, residence and practicing any trade, business, occupation or profession.  Article 19(1)(b) guarantees to all citizens of India, rights to “assemble peacefully and without arms”.  This right includes the right to hold meetings and take out processions.  Of course, assembly must be peaceful, harmonious,unarmed and not threatening the safety of the people.  Reasonable restrictions can be imposed under clause(3) of Article 19.
                   The right to assembly embodies the very idea of a democratic system.  Article 9 (1)(b) thus includes the right to hold meetings and to take out  processions.  It has been reviewed, studied and interpreted numerous times by the Supreme Court.  In its judgements Supreme Court has upheld the right to peaceful protest as a constitutional right and the right to assemble and demonstrate by holding dharnas is the basic feature of democratic system.  People in a democracy have a right to raise their voices against the decisions and unreasonable actions of the Government or to express their opinion in any subject of national importance.  The Government is obliged to respect and encourage the exercise of such rights.
                   This being the position, the political powers have resorted to the use of authoritation powers to stop the Central Government employees from exercising their constitutional right of conducting peaceful dharnas and demonstrations on 19-09-2017 and 17-10-2017 under the banner of Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers.  By conducting the programmes on 19-09-2017 and 17-10-2017 in a massive manner throughout the country, defying the Govt. orders, Confederation has upheld the constitutional right enshrined in the Constitution of India
 No. Conf/NS/2016-19                                                                              Dated - 27-12-2017
Notice for  The National Secretariat Meeting
24-01-2018-New Delhi
                    As  already informed to all concerned, the National Secretariat meeting of the Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers will be held at NFPE Office, Ist Floor, North Avenue Post office building, New Delhi on 24th January 2018 (Wednesday) at 10.AM to 01.30 PM.  All National Secretariat Members (Office bearers) of Confederation are requested to attend the meeting in time. The following shall be the agenda of the meeting.
1.      Organisational Review
2.      Confederation Charter of demands and future course of action.
3.      All India Women’s Trade Union Workshop-Date and Venue.
4.      NPS and Outsourcing - Joint struggle programmes of Confederation and AISGEF.
5.      Problems of affiliates of Confederation.
6.      Financial review
7.      Any other items with permission of the chair.
              Yours Fraternally,
                                                                                                Secretary General
Copy to: 1.     All National Secretariat Members (Office bearers including office bearers of women’s sub committee)
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