Sunday 28 June 2015

Centre to bring in new labour codes in wages and other areas to protect workers

The Union Labour Ministry proposes to come out with four labour codes in the areas of wages, industrial relations, social security and working conditions to strengthen safety and social security of workers.
The Union Labour Ministry proposes to come out with four labour codes in the areas of wages, industrial relations, social security and working conditions to strengthen safety and social security of workers.

"We are going to bring four labour codes. Labour Code is very, very important. It is going to play a major role. One will be for wages. There is complication in wages being paid. We would like to bring all wages under one code.

"Second is Industrial Relation Code. We will amalgamate all laws. Third is social security code and fourth one is working conditions and safety. Safety and security of the workers will be strengthened under these codes," Union Minister of State for Labour Bandaru Dattatreya said today.

He was addressing a regional conference of state Labour Ministers and officials from southern states here.

The Government is holding tri-partite meetings with representatives of trade unions, employers and Central and State governments on a host of labour-related issues.

Noting that there are a number of laws concerning labour and employment, Dattatreya said his Ministry is doing "simplification, rationalisation and amalgamation" of legislations to promote productivity and welfare of workers.

The NDA Government is bringing in different initiatives like Universal Account Number (UAN), skill development, among others, for the benefit of workers, the Minister maintained.

He emphasised the need for skill development for workmen and the Centre's initiative towards the endeavour. Speaking on the occasion, Kerala Labour Minister Shibu Baby John said violation of labour laws is rampant in India.

Referring to the issue involving Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade, who was accused of underpaying her maid in the US, he said developed countries try to protect workers.

"In developed countries, the laws are so strict, every employee or person, has to be paid minimum wages. So, they even went to the extent of prosecuting a diplomat. I am not going into the veracity of this," John said.

"Here, in the country, there is blatant violation of minimum wages. So, when we say that labour is the problem for all that, actually what is happening in India is there is more violation of labour laws than what is being discussed." Telangana Labour Minister Nayani Narasimha Reddy and his Karnataka counterpart Parameshwara Naik spoke about labour welfare schemes being implemented by their States.


Why India Post could become e-commerce’s most potent delivery partner

What makes India Post, seen by many as a relic of a bygone era, so attractive to these online portals? India Post's network of post offices in India is incomparable. None of the private courier or logistics firms can even come close say experts and e-commerce firms. "India Post has an unmatched network that is critical for the growth of e-commerce in India," says Ashish Chitravanshi, Vice President of operations at Snapdeal. A view echoed by "Through India Post's extensive network, Amazon India is able to service over 19,000 pin-codes through 140,000 post-offices across all 35 states and union territories in India," says Samuel Thomas, Director of transportation at Amazon India. This network covers about 25,000 pin codes, while even large private courier companies like DTDC reach only about 10,000.

 | June 26, 2015 

India Post and e-commerce

Sharadamani Amma, an 87-year-old great grandmother, remembers a time when the sight of mail runners would cause a great deal of excitement in the small Kerala village she grew up in. The appearance of these postal employees, who carried mail between post offices on foot, meant a letter or money order or, god forbid, a telegram—a sure sign of ill news.
But those days are long gone. The postmen are no longer held in high regard in most of the country, and few in the current generation would have even stepped into a post office, at least in urban India.
New age e-commerce companies want to change this. The likes of Amazon and Snapdeal already have pilot projects running with India Post, while newspaper reports suggest that Flipkart is set to follow suit.
But what makes India Post, seen by many as a relic of a bygone era, so attractive to these online portals?

Unbeatable network

India Post’s network of post offices in India is incomparable. None of the private courier or logistics firms can even come close say experts and e-commerce firms. “India Post has an unmatched network that is critical for the growth of e-commerce in India,” says Ashish Chitravanshi, Vice President of operations at Snapdeal. A view echoed by “Through India Post’s extensive network, Amazon India is able to service over 19,000 pin-codes through 140,000 post-offices across all 35 states and union territories in India,” says Samuel Thomas, Director of transportation at Amazon India.

This network covers about 25,000 pin codes, while even large private courier companies like DTDC reach only about 10,000.
The scale of India’s Postal Network

Rural depth

While the pan India network is impressive, it is India Post’s rural depth that gives it an edge. “No one can reach rural areas like India Post,” says Manish Saigal, Managing Director of advisory services firm Alvarez & Marsal India. Manish says India Post’s importance will only increase when non-metro India’s contribution to e-commerce sales surpasses that of metro India. “The top 20 cities contribute 60% in value terms right now. The pendulum will shift the other way pretty soon,” adds Manish.
The pendulum has already swung the other way for some e-tailers. Over 70% of orders for Snapdeal are from smaller cities and towns, according to Snapdeal’s VP-Operations Ashish. “The growing popularity of online shopping in these non-metro centers presents a unique set of logistical challenges like spread out population, high km/delivery factor and high cost of setting up delivery infrastructure,” explains Ashish.
Advantage India Post
It is not just the e-commerce companies that stand to gain from a partnership with India Post. The revenue potential for India Post is quite high.
The central government agency is already handling over 1.5 lakh e-commerce deliveries a day, according to industry estimates, making India Post one of the largest delivery partners for the industry. The Business Development and Marketing Directorate of India Post, which handles delivery of parcels like those of e-commerce companies, earned revenue of Rs 1961.76 crore between April and December last year.
“A lot of people dismiss India Post but they are doing mind-boggling work on the ground for e-commerce already,” says Manish.

An advertisement put out by India Post showed the department has handled Rs 500 crore of cash-on-delivery (CoD) in the financial year 2014-15.
Revenue Earnings copy
However, Alvarez & Marsal’s Manish says India Post needs to do more in terms of technology adoption. This is especially important for CoD. India Post does have years of experience handling and delivering cash, in the form of money orders. However, CoD unlike money order requires postmen and women to collect cash and not hand over cash. E-commerce companies also expect this cash to be remitted into their accounts daily and further expect transparent and instant system updates.
This technology integration between India Post and e-commerce companies is beginning to happen. “We have integrated Amazon and Postal systems to electronically enable information sharing,” says Amazon India’s Samuel.
There are examples globally of national postal departments taking advantage of the growth of online retail. Ankur Bisen, senior Vice President at retail advisory firm Technopak, cites the examples of Deutsche Post (Germany) and Royal Mail (UK). “Both these companies were state sponsored mail carriers and realised the diminishing importance of postage. Both of them have successfully re-modelled themselves to suit the emerging e-commerce needs,” says Ankur. An AFP report in March stated that Deutsche Post’s e-commerce parcel division saw its revenues rise by 2.6% to reach 15.7 billion euros (Rs 1.11 lakh crore) in FY 2014.
“If they can marry India Post’s local knowledge and network with technology, they can become unbeatable. But they need to do this fast,” says Manish.
If this succeeds, then Sharadamani Amma’s great granddaughter Mythili will also soon wait with bated breath for the postman to call at her Bengaluru flat.
(Sources of  data and information shown in graphics: India Post annual report, India Post advertisement, Amazon India, DTDC website, news reports)

Friday 26 June 2015

Latest official News from 7th Pay Commission: 

 Report is underway and will be submitted in given Time

The following is the message which is  published in official website of 7th pay commission….
Further to the memoranda received from a variety of Organisations, Federations, Groups representing civil employees in the Government of India as also from the Defence Services, the Commission has had fruitful and wide ranging discussions on relevant issues with all stakeholders. Such interactions have now been concluded. Valuable inputs have been received and the work of compilation and finalization of the report is underway, so that the Commission completes its task in the time frame given to it. Accordingly, any future requests for meeting with the Commission will not be entertained.

Saturday 20 June 2015

aturday, June 20, 2015


            Kerala co-c convenor com.P.V.Rajendran and PT/CL circle secretary com.N.Sreekandan observed indefinite hunger strike for 3 days from 16th June 2015 infront of CPMG office against the adamant attitude of circle administration in implementing the Directorate order for wage revision of PTCL employees with effect from 01.01.2006. Circle office issued another order superseding the Dte. order saying that revision of wage is applicable to those who are engaged before 1993. and also directed  the divisional heads to recover the amount already paid. C.O.C Kerala decided to resist the anti worker attitude of the circle administration against the low paid and  poor PT/CL employees and started indefinite hunger strike. Mass support and solidarity action from entire employees and other trade unions compel the administration for discussion and settle the issues amicably. On 18th evening CPMG invited c/s for discussion and issued orders for payment of revised wages to all PT/CL employees.  .After receiving the orders c o-c decided to withdraw the hunger fast. Com. K.Varadarajan Manager" Deshabhimani" daily and trade union leaders inaugurated the hunger fast. On 18th evening com.P.H.M.Ismail General secretary of state Govt employees (FSETO) concluded the fast by giving lemon juice to the fasting comrades. C O-C kerala red salute all organisations and other comrades who support the historic hunger strike for the poor low paid PT/CL employees. Rajendran.P.V. convenor co-c Kerala  

Tuesday 16 June 2015

NFPE                                                                                                 NFPE

Central Head Quarters, NEW DELHI

PRESIDENT: COM.C.C.PILLAI                                        web site                                                                        
WORKING PRESIDENT: Com. Y.NAGABHUSHANAM                                                           GENERAL SECRETARY: COM. P. MOHAN                       email:
No. aipcpccwf/wages/6                                                                                                     Dt. 12-6-2015

NEW DELHI 110 001
                             Sub- request for orders for implementation of DG Post orders on payment                                                                                                                                    of revised wages to ptcl/ftcl- reg

                              Ref :-  1. DG POST LR.NO. 2-53/2011-PCC DT. 22-1-2015& 16-5-2015

Respected Madam,
                                          we convey our sincere thanks to respected madam for immediate response to our strike notice and issuing orders for implementation of orders on revision of casual labor wages immediately.
                                in spite of this orders are not implemented in many circles/divisions. It was brought to the notice of this union that even in many circles/divisions new wages were not drawn till this month. As already 5 months passed after orders issued by Directorate. In this connection we would like to bring to the notice of kind SECRETARY that even though the orders are very clear on the subject unwanted clarifications are raised only with an intention of not implementing the orders on one plea or other.

It is learnt that some clarifications are seeking by some authorities.

We would like to bring to the notice of SECRETARY the following orders of DG POST which will solve many issues.

1.      As per DG POST orders 55-24/88-spb-1 Dt. 17-3-1989 all the following officials are casual labor.
“it is here by clarified that all daily wagers working in post offices or in RMS offices or in administrative Offices, PSD/MMS under different designations Mazdoor, casual laborers, contingent paid daily wager, daily rated mazdoor.
 These casual laborers who are engaged for a period of 8 hrs a day should be described as full time casual labor, who are engaged less than 8 hrs a day should be described as part time casual labor.
All other designations should be discontinued.”
                            No further orders are required for clarification. But unfortunately this was totally ignored and time and again seeking clarifications on the subject.

2.      Another point is being raised by some stating that vide DG POST orders 4-4/2009-PCC DT 19TH NOVEMBER 2010 all ptcl are dispensed. In this connection we would like to bring to the notice that the intention of the order is that as the duties of these categories are entrusted to MTS it was stated to entrust this work to MTS by dispensing this cadre. But subsequently the same is being clarified very clearly that the existing staff need not be dispensed with. It is clarified that the intention of the orders is that no contingent or casual labor be appointed after 1-12-2010.

3.      Accordingly no ptcl was dispensed. But unfortunately new ptcl are being engaged freely by the authorities without following the guidelines. In spite of our complaints no action was taken against those who violated the orders and engaged new casual labor according to their whims and fancies. For the fault of them poor ptcl working should not be punished by not paying revised wages.

4.      Till date according to the information available with our union nearly number of ptcl are working in the circle against sanctioned PTP posts. Other than this number of ftcl are engaged against MTS posts in RMS and MTS/ POST MAN posts in post offices.

5.       Even though there are clear orders no uniform payment is implementing in the CIRCLES/Divisions. Payment is made according to their will in some divisions. All the above mentioned ptcl are being paid wages as per 5th pay commission fixed wages.                                                                                 They are to be paid as per 6th pay commission wages revised & fixed as directed by directorate in their order mentioned above. There is no confusion or ambiguity in the orders.

6.      This inaction towards low paid employees who are playing key role in the main programme of present govt.“SWACH BHARAT”is nothing but depriving their legitimate wages. Without their sincere participation any publicity by authorities by involving in their duties on one day will not made our country “SWACH BHARAT” and the dream of present GOVT. will never fulfill.

                                                    ---  3   ---

7.      As all the two categories are working against sanctioned posts as per our knowledge no separate budget is required for payment of arrears as they will come under the head” pay and allowances”. In many circles arrears are not  paid on the plea of non availability of budget..

                               This non implementation is resulting in frustration and mounting unrest                                                                           
   among those officials which may blast at any time. 
                           As such kind SECRETARY is requested to intervene immediately and solve the issue by issuing clear instructions to all to implement the Directorate orders immediately by revising the salaries immediately and paying arrears at least by 30th July.

                            With a hope of immediate intervention we are wring this letter. If anything wrong in our letter we may be excused.

                                                  Thanking you Madam,


                                                                                                              Yours faithfully,

                                                                                                                   [P. MOHAN]
                                                                                                          GENERAL SECRETARY.

Monday 15 June 2015


Sunday 14 June 2015

SC Combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSL) 2015 Exam Notification Out :

Notification : click here

Staff Selection Commission has notified the Combined Higher Secondary Level (10+2) Examination, 2015. The Staff Selection Commission will hold an examination for Recruitment of Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistants, Data Entry Operators and Lower Divisional Clerks on Sundays 01.11.2015, 15.11.2015 and 22.11.2015. Further details are as follows:
Advertisement F.No. 3/4/2015-P&P-I 

Opening Date for Online Registration: 13 June 2015
Closing Date for Online Registration: 13 July 2015 (5:00PM)
Date of Examination: 1 November 2015, 15 November 2015 and 22 November 2015
Note: Candidates can also apply through Post.

Pay of the Posts:

Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant PB -1(Rs. 5200-20200) Grade Pay 2400
Data Entry Operator : Pay Band-1 (Rs. 5200-20200), Grade Pay Rs. 2400
Data Entry Operator : Pay Band-1 (Rs. 5200-20200), Grade Pay Rs. 1900
Lower Division Clerk: Pay Band -1 (Rs. 5200-20200), Grade Pay Rs. 1900

Vacancies: Tentatively the vacancies for the post of Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant, LDC and DEO are 3523, 2049 and 1006 respectively.

Educational Qualification ( As on 01.08.2015)

* Must have passed 12th Standard or equivalent examination from a recognized Board or University.
* Candidates who have not acquired but will acquire the educational qualification and acquire documentary evidence from the Board/University in support thereof as on 01.08.2015 will also be eligible.

Age Limit: 18-27 years as on 01.08.2015 (Candidates born not before 02-08-1988 and not later than 01-08-1997.) .Age relaxation as applicable for different categories.

How to apply:

Applications must be submitted only in the prescribed format (Annexure-I) On-line or by Post. Detailed instructions as in Annexure - II A or Annexure - II B, may be referred to for postal applications and on-line applications respectively.

Scheme of the Examination: 

The Examination will be conducted in three tiers as indicated below-
Tier -I -- Written Examination (Objective Multiple Choice Type)
Tier -II -- Written Examination (Objective Multiple Choice Type)
Tier -III -- Personality Test cum Interview/Computer Proficiency Test/Skill Test (wherever applicable)/Document Verification.

Please note: The Commission reserves the right to make changes in the scheme of examination such as conduct of Tier-I and Tier-II examination in on-line mode, treating Tier-I examination as only qualifying and not conducting personality test cum interview for some or all posts etc.

Application Fee:

--Rs. 100 (One hundred only)
Payment of application fee is exempted for all women candidates and candidates belonging to Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Physically Handicapped and
Ex-servicemen eligible for reservation, as per Government orders.
** For Paper or Off-Line Applications: Candidates should pay the fee by means of Central Recruitment Fee Stamps (CRFS) only.
** The candidates submitting application form online (computer based) should pay the fee of Rs 100 (Rupees one hundred only) by means of SBI Challan or Online payment through Net banking or any credit/debit cards only.

Scheme of Examination:

The examination will consist of a Written Examination and Skill Test for the post of Data Entry Operator and Written Test and Typing Test for the post of Postal
Assistant & Sorting Assistant (PA/SA) and Lower Division Clerk on Computer.

Written examination (Objective type):
Part I: General Intelligence (50 questions) - 50 Marks
Part II: English Language (Basic Knowledge) ( 50 questions ) - 50 Marks
Part III: Quantitative Aptitude (Basic Arithmetic Skill) (50 questions) - 50 Marks
Part IV: General Awareness (50 questions) - 50 Marks

Total: 200 Marks
Total Duration /Timing: 2 Hours (10.00 A.M. to 12.00 Noon) or (2:00 PM to 4:00 PM)

Note: The proposal for online examination is under consideration of the Government of India and if approved examination may be held on-line.
There will be negative marking of 0.25 marks for each wrong answer.

For more details check official notification from below link. In case of any doubts, feel free to ask us through comments, we will get back to you.