Friday 20 July 2012


Olympics 2012 is around the corner.  Government is too not spared by the 
euphoria when a grand event such as Olympics coming close . 
As per reports from various news sources, Central Government has
 approved a new scheme for encouraging sports persons working for 
Government of India with out of turn promotions if they win a medal in 
any of prestigious international sporting events.

It is indicated that prestigious sporting events include Olympics, Common
 Wealth Games, Asian Games, and World Championships.

If a sports person is breaking a national record in a sports event, it would 
entitle him out of turn promotion even when he/she breaks the record in 
any of important domestic events.

As far as Team event is concerned, the entire team would be entitled to this promotion. The upper limit of Out of turn promotion has fixed as 3. So a sports person can get three out of turn promotion in his service.
Report also suggests that as far as athletics is concerned most of the persons who participate in the Olympics 2012 (64 of total 81) are either serve for Government or Public Sector Undertakings. So, if the expected scheme is announced before start of Olympics it would surely boost the morale of the sports person.
Until now, there is no existance of common policy for giving out of turn promotion to Sports persons in Government Service.
Source: Hindustan Times

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