Monday 16 March 2015

Meeting of 7th pay commission with NCJCM will be held for two days on 23rd &24th march.

The Sources close to the 7th pay commission said, a Meeting of the National Council JCM (Staff Side) with the 7th Central Pay Commission has been scheduled to be held on two successive days ie on 23rd and 24th March 2015, at New Delhi.
The 7th pay commission held series of Meetings with various Associations, Ministries and Departments for the past 9 Months from June 2014
The Commission has had the occasion to interact with the National Council (Staff Side) and its constituents in May 2014. After it finished the series of Meetings held as scheduled with Associations and Ministries/Departments, the 7th pay commission invited National Council JCM to discuss the Major issues before it firms up its views. A meeting was held on 25 February 2015 with the National Council where it was agreed that the 7th Pay Commission would accord time to the National Council for their deposition before the Commission.
The Sources said that accordingly now the 7th pay commission has decided to allot two days for the Meeting with National Council JCM (Staff Side) on 23rd and 24th March 2015. Earlier the NCJCM has sought 7th pay commission to allot three days’ time slot to discuss the serving employee’s issues and one separate day for discussing Pensioners Issues.
Anyway, This will be a crucial meeting, as this may be considered as the last chance for the National council to know the views of seventh pay commission and put their demands on various issues pertaining to central government employees to convince the pay commission.
It is expected that the outcome of the Meeting will however reveal the matters of what can be considered in the recommendation of 7th pay commission.

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