Tuesday 21 July 2020

A Casual Mazdoor is the victim of Corona now! What the Postal Department will do?
In Mail Business Centre of Howrah RMS (RMS WB Division) in Kolkata, a DRM (Daily rated Mazdoor) Comrade Prasenjit Mazumdar aged about 35 had died after unsuccessful treatment for covid-19. He was declared as dead in the Bandel City Hospital yesterday (20.07.2020). One more life of postal fraternity is lost! But this time it is a casual labourer! That adds to the pain!
At least the Department is committed to give 10 lakhs compensation and a job to a family member if the employee is regular! Good but what about the poor family of a casual labourer? The entire family is fully dependent on the earnings of the casual labourer. Now that the young casulal labourer is gone forever, is not the Department take some responsibility? I think the Postal Department should not stand on its so called principles that DRM casual labourers are not eligible to anything. It is inhuman! DoP should consider on humanitarian grounds and come to compensate to at least to a lesser degree if not on equal footing to a regular staff! Give the stranded family some financial compensation and assure a job to that family! After all comrade Mazumdar laid down his sweet life working for India Post! All of us will salute the Postal Board for its humanitarian gesture! The Postal Federations and Unions will definitely raise this issue with all urgency!


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