Sunday 23 September 2018


Dear Comrades,

                                      I welcome all CWC MEMBERS & others who are attending this cwc which is being held at New Delhi as per the decision taken in our last cwc  held at Hyderabad.
1.    last cwc was held at Hyderabad on 22nd april 2017 as per the decesion of cwc chennai. very good arrangements were made by reception committee.The resolutions passed in the meeting are appended for your information and finalise the further steps to be taken to strngthen our organisation and settle our problems.
2.      CONDOLENCE- we pay our homage to those prominent personalities of various fields who passed away during this period. We pay our homage to various trade union leaders also who passed away. We express deep sorrow and extend condolences to their family members who lost their lives in floods in kerala, accidents during this period.
3.    A memorandum on issues of casual labour was submitted many times to Secretary, Dept. Of Post with the support of NFPE affliated unions. Even though clear orders are issued by Directorate the lower level officers are not reacting properly to the orders. Many circles/divisions these orders are not implimented in true spirit. 
                             Inspite of orders from Directorate As per the latest position available in all most all circles wages were revised except in TAMILNADU CIRCLE, SOME DIVISIONS IN WEST BENGAL & MAHARASTRA CIRCLES particularly AMROTI, AKOLA & HOWRAH EAST DIVISIONS.But arrears were not paid on the plea of non allocation of sufficient funds in the budget in many circles.only partial payment was made. Our union and NFPE pursued the matter with DG POST. Again DGPOST clarified to our strike notice that ordersare issued. But still payment of arrears are pending in many circles. This CWC should discuss on this issue and suggest further action for settlement of the issue.
4.     REVISION OF WAGES AS PER 7TH CPC WAGES- Already orders issued for implementation, because of our persuation with the support of NFPE. Orders were issued to revise the wages basing on 7th cpc wages ie. @ 18000/- + corresponding DA wef from 1-1-2016 were issued by directorate.
5.     REGARDING REGULARISATION- Our struggle is continuing. Now it is a positive factor that CCGEW & NJCA also included this demand in charter of demands for which we extend our sincere thanks to those organizations.
6.     CHARACTER OF PRESENT GOVT.& OUR ROLE  - If we go through the actions of present GOVT. unless we show our strength unitedly by mobilizing the workers and conduct agitations unitedly GOVT. will not reverse their attitude towards workers and continue their anti labor policies.
                                        In this background the  call given by CCGEW to conduct ONE DAY STRIKE ON 15TH NOVEMBER WHICH WAS SUPPORTED BY ALL STATE GOVT. EMPLOYEES is the correct step towards united struggle. Entire working class  and pensioners should organise and make it grand sucess. This cwc appeals to all casual ,contract & daily rated mazdoors in the Department to participate in the oneday strike on 15th November and make it grand sucess.
7.     ON 7TH CPC –even though Cabinet approved the 7th cpc report in the last hour a committee was appointed with 4 ministers to discuss with unions and that committee assured in writing that three high level committees will be appointed on minimum wage, fitment formula, allowances and implementation of NPS and decision will be taken in four months. Basing on that assurance in writing the strike programme was deferred. But till date there is no progress on this issues. As GOVT. is adamant CCGEW in its meeting held on 10th june 2017 at Hyderabad  finalised programme of action for settlement of issues.. This CWC expresses its support and assures CCGEW  that all casual employees will participate in all programmes given by CCGEW.
8.      This CWC appeals to all -ALL India/Circle/ Divisional branches of NFPE unions to take interest in forming the union of casual labour in all circles/ divisions.
9.     This cwc appeals TO ALL -CASUAL LABOUR to join in our organization and strengthen our organization so that we can fight effectively against this GOVT. and settle our demands.

                                     AIPCPCCWF ZINDABAD
                                                        NFPE ZINDABAD
                                                               CCGEW ZINDABAD
                                                                              NJCA ZINDABAD
                                                                          WORKERS UNITY ZINDABAD.

                                  Yours comradely,

                                [P. Mohan]
                              General secretary.

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