Wednesday 2 December 2015

Pay commission said 14.29 % Hike in Pay is recommended, Media said central government employees will get 23.55%  hike in salary including allowances. [See: How 23.55% of hike in Pay and Allowances arrived from 7th Pay Commission recommendation]
we will find out the real fact about the so called Bonanza..!
Let us know whether the Media claims are true or not through a simple calculation…!
The strength of Group C employees in Central Government is 85%. So we must know what the Pay Hike is recommended for them actually.
But Media give more attention to this 15 % because they have been paid more
It doesnt make sense that the Pay hike recommended for remaining 15 % taken into account. Because they are creamy layer of the Government. The Pay Hike for them also will be decided by them. So the take extra care for not giving more to this 85%.
7th CPC recommendation on Pay Hike is mocking rather than encouraging the Central government employees. See the following example
Assume a govt servant has been appointed in GP 1800 on 1st August of 2015 and he has been provided accomadation in Govt Quarters
His Net Pay for the month of January 2016 in Sixth CPC is given below..
Basic Pay Pay = PB Rs.5200 + GP Rs.1800  =  Rs.7000/-
Assuming DA 125% as on 31-1-2016  =  Rs.8750/
( Since he hs availed Quarter) HRA  =  Nil
TA = 600 + DA  =  Rs.1350
Total Gross Pay    =  Rs. 17100
NPS 10% of basic Pay  =  700
CGEGIS   =   30

Total deductions   (700+30) = 730 Net Pay = 17100-730   =  16370
His Revised 7th CPC Pay as on 31-1-2016
Minimum Basic Pay  =  Rs. 18000/-
DA   =    Nil
HRA =    Nil
TA  =  Rs. 1350
Total gross pay  =   Rs.19350
NPS = 1800
CGEGIS = 1500
Total deductions = 3300
Net Pay -= 19350-3300 = 16050
Before 7th Pay Commission his Net pay = Rs. 16370 After 7th Pay commission his Net Pay  = Rs.  16050
He will be drawing Rs.320 lesser in 7th Pay Commission revised Pay than from his Sixth CPC pay
Anybody can calculate from the above example that how much percentage of increase this Group ‘C’ Government servants get from this 7th CPC bonanza ?

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