Sunday 30 June 2013

After a long gap of decades, Railways, Defense &

 Confederation of Central Govt. Employees came on one 

platform and decided to fight against the anti-employee 

policies of the Govt. 

The leadership of NFPE & CCGEW rightly focused the

 justified demand of casual labour & daily rated

 mazdoors "Regularization" and well placed in the

 common Charter of Demands for the ensuing series of


Now a unique opportunity for casual & contract workers

 to reach the demand of regularization by raising our

 voice along with the entirety of Central Govt.

 Employees; Railways, Defense & Confederation of 

Central Govt. Employees.

All casual & contract workers are requested to  take a

 firm decision for the unity and move to march ahead 

with a united trade union movement. Ours is ..... a union

 which is ready to fight jointly with NFPE ........ a union

 which believes in the unity of all employees irrespective

 of their cadre ......... a union which believes that policies

 of the Govt. is the main enemy of workers in general

 ........ a union which believes that NFPE alone can lead

 the battle for settlement of demands of all

 casual/contract labour.

If such determination took place in the intellect minds of casual/contract workers....
we shall over come - - - - - - 
we shall over come - - - - - - - - - 
We shall over come - - - - - - - - - - - -  this time.

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