Thursday 24 April 2014


(An Associate Member of National Federation of Postal Employees)

Only Union which can safeguard the interests of GDS and    struggle along with NFPE and affiliated unions.
Struggle with unity & unity with struggle

United we stand, divided we fall

We are united & we conquer together

Let us march together

Our ensuing programmes :

= 5 days Hunger fast program with 50,000 GDS in front of Parliament from 15 th 19 th September, 2014.

= “GDS Shoshan Mukthi Yatra (GDS Liberation March) is scheduled before hunger fast.

= series of  Struggles with indefinite strike call by Confederation & Postal JCA for inclusion of GDS in 7th CPC.

AIPEU GDS (NFPE) is already recognized

by all working class & unions


 recognition from the Dept. is NOT AT ALL A



Strengthen this union which is always at your service.

General Secretary

Instead of clear the confusion against us, consciously by some leadership, it is unavoidable for us to place the following :

Who has to realize first ….. ?

While an indefinite strike is going on, Instead of achieving the demands in a right way, signing an agreement with Department…..!

 is it not a death warrant?

Who is surrendered?

who surrendered the GDS cadre to the Policies of the Govt?

For whose sake to fight to remain with the Federation ?

Contradictorily saying that  "no Federation has right to take up the GDS issues…………????????????????????

Having the qualification of “Legal Law” the General Secretary of the so called recognized GDS union misconstrued the pronouncement of the Supreme Court “in fact the S.C dismissed the application” … is it not a blunder?

No single case was filed in any Court of Law by the so called recognized GDS union, well-knowing all the facts in his capacity,  except filed cases in four Courts of Law against NFPE & its recognition……

Who started the blaming & abusing the leadership first … ? recollect ........ ?

Who has to stop first….?

How funny to advise “we shall stop fighting and blaming each other, let us work constructively…” is it an appeal......???

It is better to move a resolution in the ensuing all India Conference (Warangal) for the dissolution of the Union……then everything will be kept quiet…..

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