Friday 27 November 2020


Revolutionary Greetings to all the Leaders and Members of Confederation of Central Government  Employees’ and National Federation of Postal Employees who made the Strike on 26th November-2020 a grand success against the anti people, anti working class  and anti farmers policies being pursued by the present Central Government.

      You have once again established the rich heritage and traditions of struggles and fight by Confederation and NFPE against the oppressions and onslaughts unleashed by the Government and to save the democratic Trade Union Right.

 This Strike has also given strong reply to some of the so called Trade Unions who withdrawn from the Strike and issued statements in favour of the Government and administration but We (Confederation and NFPE) have recognition of our fellow Workers.

 We on behalf of Confederation and NFPE convey our sincere thanks and Congratulations to all of you, who participated in this Historic Strike.


           R N PARASHAR




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