Saturday 22 August 2020


Act with seriousness!

State GS comrades!  

Please remember that our next month 2nd Sunday Video Conference of AIPRPA CHQ CMC will be on organisation!           

Kindly start collecting figures on points as below:   

(1) Number of Districts / Divisions formed so far;
(2) Actual Membership in each division;
(3) Number of Districts not yet covered by formation of AIPRPA so far;
(4) Plans to form AIPRPA in those areas;
(5) Quota due to CHQ / States by branches;
(6) Names of District / Divisional Secretaries not yet included in AIPRPA District Secretaries WhatsApp group so far;
(7) Method of regular contact with existing Branches; and
(8) Participation or otherwise in CHQ calls.                       

Please start collecting figures from now itself as it will not be easy to collect all information desired! 

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